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Main Research Articles

· Lv, M., Cai, R., Zhang, R., Xia, X., Li, X., Wang, Y., Wang, H., Zeng, J., Xue, Y., Mao, L., & Li, Y.* (2024). An octopamine-specific GRAB sensor reveals a monoamine relay circuitry that boosts aversive learning. National Science Review, nwae112. [Full Text] [PDF]

* See Comments Highlight by:Fisher, Y. E.* (2024). Octopamine enhances learning. National Science Review, nwae185. [Full Text] [PDF]

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· Umpierre, A. D.#*, Li, B.#, Ayasoufi, K., Simon, W. L., Zhao, S., Xie, M., Thyen, G., Hur, B., Zheng, J., Liang, Y., Bosco, D. B., Maynes, M. A., Wu, Z., Yu, X., Sung, J., Johnson, A. J., Li, Y.*, & Wu, L.-J.* (2024) Microglial P2Y6 calcium signaling promotes phagocytosis and shapes neuroimmune responses in epileptogenesis. Neuron. [Full Text] [PDF]

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· Feng, J.*, Dong, H., Lischinsky, J. E., Zhou, J., Deng, F., Zhuang, C., Miao, X., Wang, H., Li, G., Cai, R., Xie, H., Cui, G., Lin, D., & Li, Y.* (2024). Monitoring norepinephrine release in vivo using next-generation GRABNE sensors. Neuron. [Full Text] [PDF]

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· Deng, F.#, Wan, J.#, Li, G., Dong, H., Xia, X., Wang, Y., Li, X., Zhuang, C., Zheng, Y., Liu, L., Yan, Y., Feng, J., Zhao, Y., Xie, H., & Li, Y.*(2024). Improved green and red GRAB sensors for monitoring spatiotemporal serotonin release in vivo. Nature Methods. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Zhuo, Y.#, Luo, B.#, Yi, X., Dong, H., Miao, X., Wan, J., Williams, J. T., Campbell, M. G., Cai, R., Qian, T., Li, F., Weber, S. J., Wang, L., Li, B., Wei, Y., Li, G., Wang, H., Zheng, Y., Zhao, Y., Wolf, M. E., Zhu, Y., Watabe-Uchida, M., & Li, Y.* (2024). Improved green and red GRAB sensors for monitoring dopaminergic activity in vivo. Nature Methods. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Wang, H.#, Qian, T.#, Zhao, Y., Zhuo, Y., Wu, C., Osakada, T., Chen, P., Chen, Z., Ren, H., Yan, Y., Geng, L., Fu, S., Mei, L., Li, G., Wu, L., Jiang, Y., Qian, W., Zhang, L., Peng, W., Xu, M., Hu, J., Jiang, M., Chen, L., Tang, C., Zhu, Y., Lin, D., Zhou, J.-N., & Li, Y.* (2023). A tool kit of highly selective and sensitive genetically encoded neuropeptide sensors. Science , 382(6672), eabq8173. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Wu, Z.#, Cui, Y.#, Wang, H.#, Wu, H., Wan, Y., Li, B., Wang, L., Pan, S., Peng, W., Dong, A., Yuan, Z., Jing, M., Xu, M., Luo, M.*, & Li, Y.* (2023). Neuronal activity-induced, equilibrative nucleoside transporter-dependent, somatodendritic adenosine release revealed by a GRAB sensor. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 120(14), e2212387120. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Dong, H.#, Li, M.#, Yan, Y., Qian, T., Lin, Y., Ma, X., Vischer, H. F., Liu, C., Li, G., Wang, H., Leurs, R., & Li, Y.* (2023). Genetically encoded sensors for measuring histamine release both in vitro and in vivo. Neuron. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Zeng, J.#*, Li, X.#, Zhang, R., Lv, M., Wang, Y., Tan, K., Xia, X., Wan, J., Jing, M., Zhang, X., Li, Y., Yang, Y., Wang, L., Chu, J., Li, Y., & Li, Y.*. (2023). Local 5-HT signaling bi-directionally regulates the coincidence time window for associative learning. Neuron [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Qian, T.#, Wang, H.#, Wang, P.#, Geng, L., Mei, L., Osakada, T., Wang, L., Tang, Y., Kania, A., Grinevich, V., Stoop, R., Lin, D., Luo, M., & Li, Y.* (2023). A genetically encoded sensor measures temporal oxytocin release from different neuronal compartments. Nature Biotechnology. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Wu, Z.*, He, K., Chen, Y., Li, H., Pan, S., Li, B., Liu, T., Wang, H., Du, J., Jing, M., & Li, Y.* (2021). A sensitive GRAB sensor for detecting extracellular ATP in vitro and in vivo Neuron, 110(5), 770-782.e775. [Full Text] [PDF]

* See Comments Highlight by: Umpierre, A. D., Haruwaka, K., & Wu, L.-J.* (2022). Getting a sense of ATP in real time. Neuroscience Bulletin. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Dong, A., He, K., Dudok, B., Farrell, J. S., Guan, W., Liput, D. J., Puhl, H. L., Cai, R., Wang, H., Duan, J., Albarran, E., Ding, J., Lovinger, D. M., Li, B., Soltesz, I., & Li, Y.*. (2021). A fluorescent sensor for spatiotemporally resolved imaging of endocannabinoid dynamics in vivo. Nature Biotechnology. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Qian, C., Wu, Z., Sun, R., Yu, H., Zeng, J., Rao, Y., & Li, Y. *. (2021). Localization, proteomics, and metabolite profiling reveal a putative vesicular transporter for UDP-glucose. eLife, [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Wan, J., Peng, W., Li, X., Qian, T., Song, K., Zeng, J., Deng, F., Hao, S., Feng,J., Zhang, P., Zhang, Y., Zou, J., Pan, S., Shin, M., Venton, B. J., Zhu, J. J., Jing, M., Xu, M., Li, Y.*.(2021). A genetically encoded sensor for measuring serotonin dynamics. Nature Neuroscience, [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Sun, F.#, Zhou, J.#, Dai, B.#, Qian, T., Zeng, J., Li, X., Zhuo, Y., Zhang, Y., Wang, Y., Qian, C., Tan, K., Feng, J., Dong, H., Lin, D.*, Cui, G.*, & Li, Y.*.(2020). Next-generation GRAB sensors for monitoring dopaminergic activity in vivo. Nature Methods, 17(11), 1156-1166. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Jing, M.*, Li, Y., Zeng, J., Huang, P., Skirzewski, M., Kljakic, O., Peng, W., Qian, T., Tan, K., Zou, J. , Trinh, S., Wu, R., Zhang, S., Pan, S., Hires, S., Xu, M., Li, H., Saksida, L. M., Prado, V. F., Bussey, T., Prado, M. A. M., Chen, L., Cheng, H., Li, Y.*.(2020). An optimized acetylcholine sensor for monitoring in vivo cholinergic activity. Nature Methods, 17(11), 1139-1146. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Yu, H., Zhao, T., Liu, S., Wu, Q., Johnson, O., Wu, Z., Zhuang, Z., Shi, Y., He, R., Yang, Y., Sun, J., Wang, X., Xu, H., Zeng, Z., Lei, X., Luo, W.* & Li, Y.*. (2019). MRGPRX4 is a bile acid receptor for human cholestatic itch. eLife, 8, e48431. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Feng, J., Zhang, C., Lischinsky, J. E., Jing, M., Zhou, J., Wang, H., Zhang, Y., Dong, A., Wu, Z., Wu, H., Chen, W., Zhang, P., Zou, J., Hires, S. A., Zhu, J. J., Cui, G., Lin, D., Du, J. & Li, Y.* (2019). A genetically encoded fluorescent sensor for rapid and specific in vivo detection of norepinephrine. Neuron, 102(4), 745-761. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Wu, Z.#, Feng, J.#, Jing, M., & Li, Y.* (2019). G protein-assisted optimization of GPCR-activation based (GRAB) sensors. Neural Imaging and Sensing 2019, vol. 10865, p. 108650N. International Society for Optics and Photonics. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Wu, L., Dong, A., Dong, L., Wang, S. Q., & Li, Y*. (2019). PARIS, an optogenetic method for functionally mapping gap junctions. eLife, 8, e43366. [Full Text] [PDF]

* See Insight by: Kick, D. R., & Schulz, D. J. (2019). Cell Communication: Studying gap junctions with PARIS. eLife, 8, e45207. [Full Text][PDF]

· Sun, F.#, Zeng, J.#, Jing, M.#, Zhou, J., Feng, J., Owen, S., Luo, Y., Li, F., Wang, H., Yamaguchi, T., Yong, Z., Gao, Y., Peng, W., Wang, L., Zhang, S., Du, J., Lin, D., Xu, M., Kreitzer, A. C., Cui, G. & Li, Y.* (2018). A genetically-encoded fluorescent sensor enables rapid and specific detection of dopamine in flies, fish, and mice. Cell, 174(2), 481-496. [Full Text] [PDF][Suppl Video 1][Suppl Video 2]

* See Viewpoint by: Beyene, A. G., Delevich, K., Yang, S. J., & Landry, M. P. (2018). New optical probes bring dopamine to light. Biochemistry, 6379-6381. [Full Text][PDF]

· Jing, M.#, Zhang, P.#, Wang, G., Feng, J., Mesik, L., Zeng, J., Jiang, H., Wang, S., Looby, J. C., Guagliardo, N. A., Langma, L. W., Lu, J., Zuo, Y., Talmage, D. A., Role, L. W., Barrett, P. Q., Zhang, L. I., Luo, M., Song, Y., Zhu, JJ* & Li, Y*. (2018). A genetically-encoded fluorescent acetylcholine indicator for in vitro and in vivo studies. Nature Biotechnology, 36(8), 726-737. [Full Text] [PDF][Suppl Figs][Suppl Videos]

* See Research Highlight by: Vogt, N. (2018). Detecting acetylcholine. Nature methods, 15(9), 648. [Full Text][PDF]

· Li, Y.*, & Tsien, R. W.* (2012). pHTomato, a red, genetically encoded indicator that enables multiplex interrogation of synaptic activity. Nature neuroscience, 15(7), 1047-1053. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Li, Y., Augustine, G. J., & Weninger, K.* (2007). Kinetics of complexin binding to the SNARE complex: correcting single molecule FRET measurements for hidden events. Biophysical journal, 93(6), 2178-2187. [Full Text] [PDF]

Reviews, Book Reviews and Highlights

· Yang, Y.#, Li, B.#, & Li, Y.* (2024). Genetically Encoded Sensors for the In Vivo Detection of Neurochemical Dynamics. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zhao, Y., Wan, J., & Li, Y.* (2024). Genetically encoded sensors for in vivo detection of neurochemicals relevant to depression. Journal of Neurochemistry. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zheng, Y., & Li, Y.* (2023). Past, Present, and Future of Tools for Dopamine Detection. Neuroscience, 525, 13-25. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Qian, T., Wang, H., Xia, X., & Li, Y.* (2023) Current and emerging methods for probing neuropeptide transmission.  Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 81, 102751. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Dong, C.#, Zheng, Y.#, Long-Iyer, K., Wright, E. C., Li, Y.*, & Tian, L.* (2022). Fluorescence imaging of neural activity, neurochemical dynamics, and drug-specific receptor conformation with genetically encoded sensors. Annual Review of Neuroscience. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Wu, Z., Lin, D., & Li, Y.* (2022). Pushing the frontiers: tools for monitoring neurotransmitters and neuromodulators.  Nature Reviews Neuroscience. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zhuo, Y., Li, Y.* (2022). New imaging methods for monitoring dopaminergic neurotransmission.  Science China Life Sciences, 65. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Yulong Li. (2021). Neuron, 109(21), 3346-3348. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Yu, H., Wangensteen, K., Deng, T., Li, Y., & Luo, W.* (2021). MRGPRX4 in Cholestatic Pruritus.  Semin Liver Dis41(03), 358-367. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Wan, J. & Li, Y.* (2020). Recent advances in detection methods for neurotransmitters. Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry, 48(3), 307-315. (In Chinese) [Full Text] [PDF]

· Wu, Z.* & Li, Y.* (2020). New frontiers in probing the dynamics of purinergic transmitters in vivo. Neuroscience Research, [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zeng, J., Sun, F., Wan, J., Feng, J. & Li, Y.* (2019). New optical methods for detecting monoamine neuromodulators. Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering, [Full Text] [PDF]

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· Li, Y.*, & Rao, Y.* (2015). Pied piper of neuroscience. Cell, 163(2), 267-268. [Full Text] [PDF]


· Xia, X., & Li, Y*. (2024). A new GRAB sensor reveals differences in the dynamics and molecular regulation between neuropeptide and neurotransmitter release. bioRxiv, 2024.2005.2022.595424. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Liu, Y., Nong, Y., Feng, J., Li, G., Sajda, P., Li, Y., & Wang, Q.* (2024). Phase synchrony between prefrontal noradrenergic and cholinergic signals indexes inhibitory control. bioRxiv, 2022.2005.2018.492553. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zou, J., Willem, J., Mridha, Z., Trinh, S., Erskine, A., Jing, M., Yao, J., Walker, S., Li, Y., McGinley, M., Hires, S.* (2024) Goal-directed motor actions drive acetylcholine dynamics in sensory cortex eLife , 13:RP96931 [Full Text] [PDF]

· Costa, K. M.#*, Zhang, Z.#*, Zhuo, Y., Li, G., Li, Y., & Schoenbaum, G.* (2024). Dopamine and acetylcholine correlations in the nucleus accumbens depend on behavioral task states. bioRxiv, 2024.2005.2003.592439. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Kalogriopoulos, N. A.#, Tei, R.#, Yan, Y., Ravalin, M., Li, Y., & Ting, A.* (2024). Synthetic G protein-coupled receptors for programmable sensing and control of cell behavior. bioRxiv, 2024.2004.2015.589622. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Singh, S., Sarroza, D., English, A., Whittington, D., Dong, A., van der Stelt, M., Li, Y., Zweifel, L., Bruchas, M. R., Land, B. B., & Stella, N.* (2022). ABHD6 selectively controls metabotropic-dependent increases in 2-AG production. bioRxiv, 2024.2005.2017.594562. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Jiang, P.*, Kemper, K. M., Chang, K.-T., Qian, C., Li, Y., Guan, L., van Hasselt, P., Caradonna, S. J., & Strich, R. (2022). An in situ cut-and-paste genome editing platform mediated by CRISPR/Cas9 or Cas12a. bioRxiv, 2022.2003.2030.486486. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zou, J., Trinh, S., Erskine, A., Jing, M., Yao, J., Walker, S., Li, Y.., & Hires, S. A.* (2021). Directed motor actions and choice signalling drive cortical acetylcholine dynamics. bioRxiv,, 2021.2012.2021.473699. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Sturgill, J. F., Hegedus, P., Li, S. J., Chevy, Q, Siebels, A., Jing, M., Li, Y., Hangya, B.* & Kepecs, A.*(2020). Basal forebrain-derived acetylcholine encodes valence-free reinforcement prediction error. bioRxiv, 2020.02.17.953141. [Full Text] [PDF]

Collaborative Publication

· Singh, S., Sarroza, D., English, A., Whittington, D., Dong, A., Malamas, M., Makriyannis, A., van der Stelt, M., Li, Y., Zweifel, L., Bruchas, M. R., Land, B. B., & Stella, N.* (2024) P2X7 receptor-dependent increase in endocannabinoid 2-arachidonoyl glycerol production by neuronal cells in culture: Dynamics and mechanism. British Journal of Pharmacology, 1–19. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Basu, A., Yang, J.-H., Yu, A., Glaeser-Khan, S., Rondeau, J. A., Feng, J., Krystal, J. H., Li, Y., & Kaye, A. P.* (2024). Frontal Norepinephrine Represents a Threat Prediction Error Under Uncertainty. Biological Psychiatry. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Zhang, Y.#, Karadas, M.#, Liu, J., Gu, X., Vöröslakos, M., Li, Y., Tsien, R. W., & Buzsáki, G.* (2024). Interaction of acetylcholine and oxytocin neuromodulation in the hippocampus. Neuron, S0896-6273(24)00154-5. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Dudok, B.#*, Fan, L. Z.#, Farrell, J. S., Malhotra, S., Homidan, J., Kim, D. K., Wenardy, C., Ramakrishnan, C., Li, Y., Deisseroth, K., & Soltesz, I. (2024). Retrograde endocannabinoid signaling at inhibitory synapses in vivo. Science, 383(6686), 967-970. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Zhou, X.#, He, Y.#, Xu, T.#, Wu, Z.#, Guo, W., Xu, X., Liu, Y., Zhang, Y., Shang, H., Huang, L., Yao, Z., Li, Z., Su, L., Li, Z., Feng, T., Zhang, S., Monteiro, O., Cunha, R. A., Huang, Z.-L., Zhang, K.*, Li, Y., Cai, X.*, Qu, J.*, & Chen, J.-F.* (2024). 40 Hz light flickering promotes sleep through cortical adenosine signaling. Cell Research.. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Gyawali, U., Martin, D. A., Sun, F., Li, Y., & Calu, D.* (2023). Dopamine in the dorsal bed nucleus of stria terminalis signals Pavlovian sign-tracking and reward violations. eLife, 12. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Mayer, F. P.*, Niello, M., Cintulova, D., Sideromenos, S., Maier, J., Li, Y., Bulling, S., Kudlacek, O., Schicker, K., Iwamoto, H., Deng, F., Wan, J., Holy, M., Katamish, R., Sandtner, W., Li, Y., Pollak, D. D., Blakely, R. D., Mihovilovic, M. D., Baumann, M. H., & Sitte, H. H.* (2023). Serotonin-releasing agents with reduced off-target effects. Molecular Psychiatry, 28(2), 722-732. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Hatashita, Y., Wu, Z., Fujita, H., Kumamoto, T., Livet, J., Li, Y., Tanifuji, M., & Inoue, T.* (2023). Spontaneous and multifaceted ATP release from astrocytes at the scale of hundreds of synapses. Glia , 71(9), 2250-2265. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Singh, S., Sarroza, D., English, A., McGrory, M., Dong, A., Zweifel, L., Land, B. B., Li, Y., Bruchas, M. R., & Stella, N.* (2023). Pharmacological Characterization of the Endocannabinoid Sensor GRABeCB2.0. Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Sang, D.#, Lin, K.#, Yang, Y.#, Ran, G., Li, B., Chen, C., Li, Q., Ma, Y., Lu, L., Cui, X.-Y., Liu, Z., Lv, S.-Q., Luo, M., Liu, Q., Li, Y., & Zhang, E. E.* (2023). Prolonged sleep deprivation induces a cytokine-storm-like syndrome in mammals. Cell, 186(25), 5500-5516.e5521. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Liao, Y.#, Wen, R.#, Fu, S., Cheng, X., Ren, S., Lu, M., Qian, L., Luo, F., Wang, Y., Xiao, Q., Wang, X., Ye, H., Zhang, X., Jiang, C., Li, X., Li, S., Dang, R., Liu, Y., Kang, J., Yao, Z., Yan, J., Xiong, J., Wang, Y., Wu, S., Chen, X., Li, Y., Xia, J.*, Hu, Z.*, & He, C.* (2023) Spatial memory requires hypocretins to elevate medial entorhinal gamma oscillations. Neuron. . [Full Text] [PDF]

· Dong, Y., Li, Y., Xiang, X., Xiao, Z. C., Hu, J., Li, Y., Li, H., & Hu, H.* (2023). Stress relief as a natural resilience mechanism against depression-like behaviors. Neuron. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Kondev, V., Najeed, M., Yasmin, F., Morgan, A., Loomba, N., Johnson, K., Adank, D. N., Dong, A., Delpire, E., Li, Y., Winder, D., Grueter, B. A., & Patel, S.* (2023). Endocannabinoid release at ventral hippocampal-amygdala synapses regulates stress-induced behavioral adaptation. Cell Reports, 113027. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Hasegawa, E., Li, Y., & Sakurai, T.* (2023). Regulation of REM sleep in mice: The role of dopamine and serotonin function in the basolateral amygdala. Neuroscience Research. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Gunduz-Cinar, O., Castillo, L. I., Xia, M., Van Leer, E., Brockway, E. T., Pollack, G. A., Yasmin, F., Bukalo, O., Limoges, A., Oreizi-Esfahani, S., Kondev, V., Báldi, R., Dong, A., Harvey-White, J., Cinar, R., Kunos, G., Li, Y., Zweifel, L. S., Patel, S., & Holmes, A. (2023). A cortico-amygdala neural substrate for endocannabinoid modulation of fear extinction. Neuron.. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Terauchi, A., Yee, P., Johnson-Venkatesh, E. M., Seiglie, M. P., Kim, L., Pitino, J. C., Kritzer, E., Zhang, Q., Zhou, J., Li, Y., Ginty, D. D., Lee, W. A., & Umemori, H.* (2023). The projection-specific signals that establish functionally segregated dopaminergic synapses. Cell. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Ceddia, R. P.#, Zurawski, Z.#, Thompson Gray, A., Adegboye, F., McDonald-Boyer, A., Shi, F., Liu, D., Maldonado, J., Feng, J., Li, Y., Alford, S., Ayala, J. E., McGuinness, O. P., Collins, S., & Hamm, H. E.* (2023). Gβγ-SNAP25 exocytotic brake removal enhances insulin action, promotes adipocyte browning, and protects against diet-induced obesity. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Krok, A. C., Maltese, M., Mistry, P., Miao, X., Li, Y., & Tritsch, N. X.* (2023). Intrinsic dopamine and acetylcholine dynamics in the striatum of mice. Nature. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Kimchi, E.*, Burgos-Robles, A., Matthews, G., Chakoma, T., Patarino, M., Weddington, J., Siciliano, C., Yang, W., Foutch, S., Simons, R., Fong, M., Jing, M., Li, Y., Polley, D., Tye, K.* (2023). Reward contingency gates selective cholinergic suppression of amygdala neurons. eLife, 12:RP89093 [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Zhou, B.#, Fan, K.#, Guo, J.#, Feng, J., Yang, C., Li, Y., Shi, S., & Kong, L. (2023). Plug-and-play fiber-optic sensors based on engineered cells for neurochemical monitoring at high specificity in freely moving animals. Science Advances, 9(22), eadg0218. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Albarran, E., Sun, Y., Liu, Y., Raju, K., Dong, A., Li, Y., Wang, S., Südhof, T. C.*, & Ding, J. B.* (2023). Postsynaptic synucleins mediate endocannabinoid signaling. Nature Neuroscience, 26(6), 997-1007. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Patton, A. P.*, Morris, E. L., McManus, D., Wang, H., Li, Y., Chin, J. W., & Hastings, M. H.* (2023). Astrocytic control of extracellular GABA drives circadian timekeeping in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , 120(21), e2301330120. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Peng, W.*, Liu, X., Ma, G., Wu, Z., Wang, Z., Fei, X., Qin, M., Wang, L., Li, Y., Zhang, S.*, & Xu, M.* (2023). Adenosine-independent regulation of the sleep–wake cycle by astrocyte activity. Cell Discovery, 9(1), 16. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Asher, M. J., McMullan, H. M., Dong, A., Li, Y., & Thayer, S. A.* (2023) A Complete Endocannabinoid Signaling System Modulates Synaptic Transmission between Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Neurons. Mol Pharmacol , 103(2), 100-112. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Natsubori, A.*, Hirai, S., Kwon, S., Ono, D., Deng, F., Wan, J., Miyazawa, M., Kojima, T., Okado, H., Karashima, A., Li, Y., Tanaka, K. F., & Honda, M. (2023). Serotonergic neurons control cortical neuronal intracellular energy dynamics by modulating astrocyte-neuron lactate shuttle. iScience, 105830. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Ono, D.*, Wang, H., Hung, C. J., Wang, H.-t., Kon, N., Yamanaka, A.,Li, Y., & Sugiyama, T. Network-driven intracellular cAMP coordinates circadian rhythm in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Science Advances, 9(1), eabq7032. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Reggiani, J. D. S., Jiang, Q., Barbini, M., Lutas, A., Liang, L., Fernando, J., Deng, F., Wan, J., Li, Y., Chen, C.*, & Andermann, M. L.* (2022). Brainstem serotonin neurons selectively gate retinal information flow to thalamus. Neuron. [Full Text] [PDF]

· Pittolo, S., Yokoyama, S., Willoughby, D. D., Taylor, C. R., Reitman, M. E., Tse, V., Wu, Z., Etchenique, R., Li, Y., & Poskanzer, K. E.* (2022). Dopamine activates astrocytes in prefrontal cortex via α1-adrenergic receptors. Cell Reports, 40(13), 111426. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

· Li, X.#, Li, Y.#, Zhou, Y., Wu, J., Zhao, Z., Fan, J., Deng, F., Wu, Z., Xiao, G., He, J., Zhang, Y., Zhang, G., Hu, X., Chen, X., Zhang, Y., Qiao, H., Xie, H., Li, Y., Wang, H.*, Fang, L.*, & Dai, Q.* (2022). Real-time denoising enables high-sensitivity fluorescence time-lapse imaging beyond the shot-noise limit. Nature Biotechnology. [Full Text] [PDF]

See also BioRxiv

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See also BioRxiv

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